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Hammond and Barkers Limited (HBL) are an independent oil trading and marketing company registered both in Nigeria and the United Kingdom. Established in 1987, we at Hammond & Barkers Ltd with dedication and integrity have always maintained the highest standards in dealing with our valued clients be it individual companies or state owned and managed companies wishing to access genuine crude oil or petroleum products from Africa. Hammond & Barkers Limited enjoys friendly working relationships with several Oil producing African countries such as The Sudan, Angola, Equatorial Guinea and Nigeria. HBL’s vision is to be the Zero Risk pathway between Our Partners/Clients and the Rest of the World (ROW) for all profit and non-profit opportunities that seeks to engage with governments and ethical & fair trade companies and organizations. As our current Partners and Clients are from Africa in general and Nigeria in particular, our current focus is naturally on Nigeria and African countries. Our current business focus is on international trading (specializing on crude and refined petroleum products) and projects partnering (securing right partner, funding & financing).

Hammond & Barkers Ltd with it’s Joint Venture Partners, Naftoil AB of Sweden have acquired an impressive list of first class clients including but not limited to Gazprom, Preem, Statoil, Lotos, Trieste, Total, and Motor Oil Hellas of Greece. Our association with Indagro Energy Geneva SA also gives Hammond & Barkers Ltd access to premium grade fertilizer, which has been delivered to Nigeria for over 10 years.  Hammond & Barkers Ltd was instrumental and successfully participated in negotiating long term gas supply contract with the Nigerian government and bringing Gazprom to Nigeria.
The major shareholders of Hammond & Barkers Ltd are seasoned industry specialist in all areas of crude oil trading and marketing. With accumulated industry experience, we have been able to offer our clients and customers specific business based approach which focuses on individual companies requirements and the culture of conducting business with integrity, honouring agreements and building life long relationships with our valued business partners around the world.

HBL has now expanded it’s operation across Europe with representative offices and personnel in the industrial vertical areas of oil & gas, E&P activities in South Sudan with our Turkish Partners Termopet, Telecom technology and international trading of minerals and commodities from African countries such as Namibia, Ghana, Sierra Leone and Liberia. In the upstream exploration and production activities, HBL arranges partnerships between countries having oil blocks and concessions with enterprises having capital & technology. HBL was instrumental in introducing the German company Wintershall to the government of The Gambia in 2009for E&P projects under the guidance of it’s parent company BOSCH. HBL jointly participated in negotiating the 25 years long term gas purchase contract between Gazprom and the Nigeria government in 2010.

Its key missions are:
• Facilitate Safe and Risk free trade & marketing of crude oil and refined petroleum products between our partners/clients (i.e. Nigeria and Africa now) and the Rest Of the World (ROW).
• Ensure Honest and Fair Trades adopting good practices in dealing with clients.
• Partner Best of Class Enterprises to grow trade links between producing Nations and Buyers of consuming Nations safely and profitably.